HR is important ONLY if it affects business performance.


Measuring HR


Imagine the facial color of the CEO upon learning that users were dissatisfied, failure rates approached 50%, and a significant percentage of customers regretted their decisions. Everyone would be screaming for a complete rethinking and heads would be rolling. Unfortunately, the above metrics represent failure in the recruiting and retention elements of the talent management function. HR seems to be the only business function that more or less completely avoids defining, measuring and acting upon process failure – and get away with it. This isn’t rational or good business!

The right people


HR PR helps you “metricfy” HR and Talent Management - not as a goal, but as a means for continuous improvements, benefitting the bottom-line. It’s all about the people – yes, the right people. Engaging, growing and performing people create winning businesses. Many companies spend their time just replacing people and putting out fires, not learning or improving, subsequently spending less time actually becoming competent in selecting the winning team, promoting internal mobility, developing new competencies, optimizing processes and systems, create efficiency and direction in talent management.

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I know all too well how the daily HR operations can make it impossible to raise the bar and install improvements in HR. Most HR executives know the right answers, but just don't have the time.


Give me a call on +45 26811111 or contact me by email: peter@divemaster.dk and let us discuss how I can help you get beyond putting out fires, build and implement Talent Management initiatives that will improve business performance in a tangible way.


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